Website & CRM for Ciscenje Apartmana

Ciscenje Apartmana provides a professional cleaning service for your apartments efficiently and in a short time. We make your apartment welcoming for new tourists. Let's start working together today.
Ciscenje Apartmana
Website & CRM development
Vue 3.0, Bootstrap 5, Perl, Mojolicious

About Project

For the Ciscenje Apartmana project, I designed and developed a comprehensive digital solution to revolutionize the way they handle their apartment cleaning services. The platform consists of a customer-facing website and a back-end CRM for managing bookings.

The client-facing website is designed using Vue 3.0 and Bootstrap, making it highly responsive and user-friendly. It enables customers to easily browse and book a variety of cleaning services. The design is centered around simplicity and ease-of-use, allowing Ciscenje Apartmana to effectively showcase their services and facilitate effortless customer interactions.

The back-end of the solution is a robust CRM system, developed using Vue 3, Perl, and Mojolicious. This system allows the client to efficiently manage their bookings, streamlining their workflow and enhancing their operational efficiency. The CRM is designed to be straightforward yet powerful, with a focus on providing the tools necessary to handle and monitor bookings effectively.

An essential feature of this CRM is its integration with Twilio for SMS notifications. This allows Ciscenje Apartmana to maintain excellent communication with their customers, sending timely SMS updates about their bookings. This integration also helps in ensuring transparency and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Overall, the Ciscenje Apartmana project represents a comprehensive solution to manage apartment cleaning services more efficiently and customer-friendly. It’s an embodiment of modern design principles and powerful technologies to deliver a superior user experience and improve operational effectiveness.

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